Li Quanming, chairman of the board, visited TV station "dialogue · development of Haiyan"

Column:Company News Time:2020-09-23
On November 20, the program was hosted by the Joint Commission of industry and Commerce of Zhuangmen county and the new era of salt industry and commerce.

On November 20, sponsored by the County Federation of industry and Commerce and the county media center, and co sponsored by the two new working committees of the county Party committee, the United Front Work Department of the county Party committee, the county economic and Information Bureau, the Youth League Committee and the county women's Federation, the large-scale TV interview program "dialogue · Haiyan Development -- magnificent 70 years of striving for a new era" was recorded and produced in a studio of Haiyan. This program invited four representative entrepreneurs to conduct on-the-spot interviews and dialogues. The four entrepreneurs combined their own entrepreneurial history and experience to witness the achievements of private economy in our county in the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. Li Quanming, chairman of Zhejiang Kunbo Precision Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend. Zhao ronghua, a special fiber weaving company of Haiyan, Li Yongxian of wanna Shenhe holding company, and Chen Yijia of Zhejiang Boyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

In the interview, chairman Li Quanming introduced that when he just graduated, he was assigned to work in state-owned enterprises in Hangzhou and had a "golden rice bowl". However, after 20 years in the state-owned enterprises, he decided to make a bold move and embark on the road of entrepreneurship. In 2007, he chose to return to his hometown Haiyan to invest in the establishment of a factory. From the company to the real economy, enterprises focus on the R & D and production of their own products, do a good job in product details, and pay attention to the cultivation of talents. In the future, Kunbo company will continue to strive for the joint-stock system reform, strive to achieve high-quality development, and make greater contributions to our county and our province while creating economic benefits.