• 2008year

    In 2008, the project was established in Qinshan Nuclear Power Industrial Park, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

  • 2009year

    Casting plant and general machining workshop put into operation in 2009

  • 2012year

    Constant temperature workshop of precision machining center put into operation in 2012

  • 2014year

    Expanding capacity through technical renovation in 2014, reaching 8000 tons/year capacity

    Recognized as provincial high-tech enterprise in 2014

  • 2015year

    In 2015, it was designated as provincial precision 

  • 2017year

    Establishment of Robot Industry Division in 2017

  • 2019year

    Shareholding system reform, renamed Zhejiang Kunbo Precision Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd., striving for the listing

  • 2021year
    On February 26, it was officially listed on the New Third Board